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TMN Tinnies October 6, 2021

TMN expands music business awards ‘The Tinnies’ to promote & reward wider industry

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TMN expands music business awards ‘The Tinnies’ to promote & reward wider industry

The Music Network’s TMN Tinnies are back – bigger and better than ever!

The awards have traditionally celebrated those who are “crushing it” behind the scenes in the world of recorded music, but the 2021 TMN Tinnies will go further and include businesses across the broader music industry.

This year, the TMN Tinnies will focus on the teams – big and small – who have worked to promote Aussie music throughout another challenging year.

Entries across the 15 categories are free, including the new Best Use Of TikTok in Australian Music, will open this Friday, October 8, with early entries closing on Sunday, November 21 (DEADLINE EXTENDED).

Companies can self-nominate via the Take 2 Media Awards platform when entries open on Friday, where more details about entry and eligibility criteria will also be available.

Last year over 1,000 nominations were received.


The 2021 TMN Tinnies have been made possible by support from Humm Events, iHeartRadio Australia, Ingrooves, TikTok and Vevo.

Finalists will be announced on Monday, November 29, and winners will follow on Monday, December 6.

TMN editor and content director, Vivienne Kelly, said the TMN Tinnies would be a positive way to round out an otherwise faltering and frustrating year.

“It’s certainly not been the year any of us wanted, with more COVID-19 cases, lockdowns, cancelled plans, lost revenue opportunities and a general sense that we’re on hold – stuck listening to a super-annoying, non-inspiring jingle no less – waiting for things to get better.

“Despite that arguably insurmountable challenges facing Australia’s music businesses, they’re still innovating, creating and inspiring. They haven’t stopped working, pushing to be seen and heard in a cluttered news cycle, which has been further hampered by lockdown fatigue.

“Music businesses are always the first to step up in a crisis – whether it’s via fundraising initiatives, large-scale stadium shows, distributing and promoting powerful music to shift the dial, or helping to inspire and connect generations of music fans – so we’re thrilled to be able to acknowledge and reward this in some way.

“This year we’ll be recognising businesses across management, labels, publishing, marketing, ticketing, technology, sync/ licensing and more. We can’t wait to see which hard-working teams have crushed it this year.”

2021 TMN Tinnies Categories

1. Management biz of the year

2. Record label of the year

3. Music publisher of the year

4. Music distributor of the year

5. Music media biz of the year

6. Sync/ Licensing biz of the year

7. Music marketing biz of the year

8. Live music biz of the year

9. Ticketing biz of the year

10. Artist services biz of the year

11. Music tech platform of the year

12. Music biz leader of the year

13. Artist development award

14. Best response to COVID-19 – NEW

15. Best use of TikTok in Australian musicNEW



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