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News October 6, 2022

Women In Music Mentor Program Heralds Biggest Intake

Women In Music Mentor Program Heralds Biggest Intake

The national Women in Music Mentor program for 2022 and 2023 has the largest intake so far, with 160 applicants.

The four-year program is conducted by AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association) with support from the Commonwealth government. 

The selected mentees begin their mentorships in two groups, the first commencing November 15 and the second group from February 15. 

The mentoring and training program is open to all female, female-identifying and non-binary participants working, in or aspiring to work in, the music industry.

First Nations people, people with disabilities, those who identify as culturally diverse and those who reside in regional Australia were strongly encouraged to apply.

“The demand for this incredible program remains strong with another diverse group of mentees from all sectors of the industry seeking to participate,” AIR CEO Maria Amato said.

“It is an honour to deliver a program that aims to empower, educate and build self-confidence to help mentees progress their career aspirations.”

Federal minister for arts Tony Burke added: “(It) provides an exciting opportunity for our artists to advance their skills, build networks, and access exciting career opportunities. 

“The Australian government is committed to boosting every aspect of Australian music and looks forward to empowering the next generation of women in music.”

Many experienced executives wish they’d had a mentor when they started out.

It’s not just steering the mentee on the right path before they have a trusted business team around them, and doing it within a safe space in an uplifting manner.

“With a mentor you can bounce your ideas off and that gives you more clarity, which is key,” said Mardi Caught, who founded strategic music marketing firm The Annex in 2018.

 But a personal guide can also become a close and powerful friend, and open career doors.

One artist manager who served as a tutor on the program revealed that she still has close ties with those who counselled her when she was 17.

As part of the program, AIR will hold one in-person professional development event for its mentees in each capital city in Australia over the course of the four-year program.

 It has held events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and Sydney.

AIR will hold events in Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, and Canberra in 2023

According to Amato: “They range from financial literacy, contract negotiation, communication skills, how to get on boards, marketing and songwriting.


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