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News April 26, 2020

If you love vinyl, here’s a livestream you won’t want to miss this Friday

If you love vinyl, here’s a livestream you won’t want to miss this Friday

The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) will present a virtual session of its popular monthly analogue music event, Vinyl Lounge, on May 1.

Virtual Vinyl Lounge is the first in a new live suite of online programs from the NFSA.

“The rumours are true,” said Thorsten Kaeding, the event’s curator and MC.

“Vinyl Lounge is going virtual! You may not be able to come to Vinyl Lounge at the NFSA in Canberra, but that’s ok because we’re coming to you.”

Since 2013 the NFSA has hosted the Vinyl Lounge on the first Friday of the month, with about 100 music lovers coming together to play songs from their favourite records.

“The venue holds about 100 people, and we’re almost always at capacity,” Kaeding told TMN. “We’ve got regulars who attend every month, some since we launched in 2013.”

The gathering is popular with interstate visitors too, and Kaeding said the rise in popularity of the physical format has also introduced a younger delegate.

Vinyl Loungers choose a song to share with the group and present a short introduction about what the selected song means to them.

Records are played on an “awesome” analogue system, with the MC promising “only some scratching” as the gathering moves online for the first time in its seven-year history.

“Look through our record collection, select the track you want to listen to, send us a short video telling us what you love about it, and we’ll play it for you at Virtual Vinyl Lounge.

“From funk to folk, pop to prog, there’s something for everyone,” added Kaeding.

He also told that TMN the virtual edition will include audience participation, with some of its regulars having already submitted video request for the first-ever Virtual Vinyl Lounge.

Vinyl lovers can register online now for the free one-hour event, streaming on Friday, May 1.

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