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News July 27, 2021

Vampr partners with NFT currency platform Yuser

Vampr partners with NFT currency platform Yuser

Australian music tech company Vampr has announced that it has entered a partnership with Yuser, a social currency platform that allows users to purchase creative works as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The partnership will allow Vampr users to link their accounts directly to Yuser through a specialised landing page, where they can then apply to monetise their own content using an inbuilt currency called Gems.

Through the platform, Vampr users are then able to set up an online wallet for major NFT marketplace OpenSea, opening up myriad new commercial opportunities for their creative works.

Vampr’s deal with Yuser comes in the wake of another partnership the company instigated with BeatConnect, a new application which lets musicians work together and collaborate remotely in real-time.

The musical networking platform has also rolled out a bevy of new features off the back of its second round of equity crowd-funding in February, including Vamps, which lets users share images, audio and video updates.

Vampr is also looking to imminently add an array of livestreaming tools to its platform.

Josh Simons, CEO and co-founder of Vampr and former The Music Network 30 Under 30 Readers’ Choice Award winner, said that the partnership with Yuser would provide creators with more opportunities to earn money from their works.

“We are so excited to partner with Yuser and bring the power of NFT technology to our audience of independent and innovative artists,” Simons said.

“Providing new distribution and monetisation opportunities for our members is what we are all about.”

Frequently described as a “LinkedIn for musicians”, Vampr was founded in 2016 by Simons and multi-platinum songwriter and entrepreneur Baz Palmer, facilitating over one million users and assisting in brokering over six million connections worldwide.

Last year, the platform launched its own Pro service, adding digital distribution and sync opportunities to its premium users.


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