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News November 23, 2023

UNIFIED Grant 2023 Recipients Are Revealed

UNIFIED Grant 2023 Recipients Are Revealed

A long-term pathway program to support First Nations musicians, a dedicated industry meet-up for those with autism, ADHD and the introverts among us, and a music tech platform that automates and simplifies admin processes are among the five recipients of the 2023 UNIFIED Grant.

An initiative of UNIFIED Music Group, the UNIFIED Grant was launched in 2016 to help creatives to break into the Australian music industry, and to “foster the next generation.”

The program awards $5,000 in funding to five creative projects from individuals or groups that “influence positive, meaningful, and sustainable change” for the Australian music industry.

Those sharing in $25,000 are Bush Music Fund, Neurodivergent Artist Meet Ups from Nat Bartsch, Solar Sessions, Music in Exile and RELEASR.

That financial leg-up should assist those innovators’ growth and development, reads a statement form UNIFIED, announced today (Nov. 23), and each recipient receives ongoing industry support and mentorship from within the independent music group to “ensure they maximise their potential and make as much of an impact as possible.”

The grant, explains Bartsch, “will help me to foster a sense of community amongst neurodivergent members of the music industry, by hosting some meet ups specially designed to accommodate our differing and unique sensory and communication needs.”

This time, more than 120 “high-calibre” entries were submitted.

Jaddan Comerford

“The fact that there are so many innovators, thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs and performers out there bursting with ideas, is a good problem to have – it means the music industry is in good hands,” comments Jaddan Comerford, CEO of UNIFIED Music Group and founder of The UNIFIED Grant.

“It shows our sector is filled with future leaders who have creative and business skills, and want to use those talents not just to help themselves, but also to better the lives of others,” he adds, noting that the quality and depth of pitches is proof that the industry “needs to come together to support the next generation.”

The UNIFIED Impact Committee, comprised of group and partner staff for the purpose of coordinating meaningful initiatives, reviewed all grant submissions which met the criteria, from which a shortlist was created.

Winners were determined by way of a voting system with all UNIFIED Music Group staff contributing.

Paying tribute to the recipients, Comerford remarks: ”You should all be so proud. I can’t wait to get stuck in with my amazing team and watch what happens over the next 12 months as your ideas come to life with the support and mentorship of UNIFIED Music Group.”

An annual initiative, the UNIFIED Grant is open to go-getters who positively impacts the local music industry, from musicians, photographers, designers and documentary film-makers to developers, tech founders and journalists, the goal of which is help nurture new business ideas and empower founders to sustainably propel their projects.

The grant is inspired by UNIFIED’s very own journey from its inauspicious bedroom beginnings as Boomtown Records, to one of Australia’s largest independent music businesses.

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