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News July 7, 2022

UNFD Issues Statement About Hands Like Houses

UNFD Issues Statement About Hands Like Houses
Pictured: Hands Like Houses

A legal dispute between Hands Like Houses and UNFD is now resolved, TMN can confirm.

Last September, after “serious allegations” were levied at a band member, the indie label moved quickly to announce it had “ended its relationship” with Hands Like Houses.

The band member, who TMN has not named, denies any wrongdoing.

Both the initial allegation and subsequent statement were posted in the UNFD Social Club on Facebook, where today the Melbourne-based label issued a further comment.

Read the statement in full below:

Between 30 August 2021 and 2 September 2021, there were a series of comments uploaded to the UNFD Social Club Facebook group page by group members, making allegations of criminal behaviour against an un-named member of Hands Like Houses.

UNFD acknowledges that the music industry is still struggling to properly respond to important revelations of abuse, bullying and sexism, to provide safe spaces for victims, and to hold a more nuanced and complex conversation about such revelations.

UNFD understands the serious nature of the allegations and the comments. UNFD acknowledges that it is responsible for posts and comments on the UNFD Social Club Facebook group page. UNFD acknowledges that its statement on the page that a member of Hands Like Houses was the subject of legal proceedings related to the allegations was not true.

UNFD and the moderators of the UNFD Social Club Facebook group unreservedly and sincerely apologise to each member of the band (Mr Trenton Woodley, Mr Matt Cooper, Mr Alexander Pearson, Mr Joel Tyrrell and Mr Matt Parkitny) for the hurt, distress and damage which the UNFD Social Club Facebook group comments and UNFD’s own statements and actions caused to each of those band members and to their personal and professional reputations.


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