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News July 27, 2021

Universal Music Group announces licensing deal with TikTok rival Lomotif

Universal Music Group announces licensing deal with TikTok rival Lomotif

Universal Music Group (UMG) has signed a worldwide licensing deal with social video platform Lomotif.

Lomotif, which is one of the fastest-growing alternatives to TikTok, will integrate UMG’s music catalogue into its content library as part of the deal, allowing users to embed tracks from the major label’s roster in their in-app creations.

Through the deal, UMG becomes the first major label to license Lomotif on a global scale, with both companies aiming to continue working together on creating further music-based features in the app.

With over 225 million downloads and 300 million video views per month, Lomotif continues to gain traction among younger, social video-hungry users around the globe.

Lomotif’s CEO and founder, Paul Yang, highlighted the huge uptake in consumer interest for social video as he announced the deal.

“Our deal with Universal Music Group will continue to grow users and increase engagement within our platform, a destination for emerging artists, and will significantly expand the types of music our community can utilise, collaborate with and share,” he added.

“With nearly 800 million videos created to date, we are heading in a great direction as a platform and making high-value content, functionality and features available to our community will only help us grow exponentially.”

Michael Nash, executive vice president of digital strategy at UMG, said that the deal would help to support creators and ensure that the label’s artists are efficiently represented across Lomotif.

“We are very pleased that Lomotif’s fast-growing community of users around the world will be able to take inspiration from the artists and music they love, all while ensuring UMG’s artists are fairly compensated for the value music generates on Lomotif’s platform,” Nash said.

“UMG continues to broaden the creative and commercial opportunities for our artists by licensing an ever-expanding array of new digital platforms and supporting emerging entrepreneurs.”


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