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News October 14, 2019

What Barnesy, Farnsy & Anhsy are eating after soundcheck

What Barnesy, Farnsy & Anhsy are eating after soundcheck

As any rock musician knows, the best time to eat before a show is right after soundcheck.

Which is what new supergroup Barnesy, Farnsy & Anhsy – aka Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham and comedian Anh Do – are doing in the latest Uber Eats’ Tonight I’ll be eating campaign.

The trio’s choice of munchies is not what you’d expect.

What’s not certain if Anhsy’s drumming skills will get him past soundcheck to the show.

Farnsy drops his “nicest guy in the biz” reputation to grumble, “He’s an inept drummer but we got him in the band because Uber wanted him in the band so that’s why he is there.”

Barnesy adds, “I thought it was never going to work” but says working with the other two was a golden opportunity too good to pass up.

“When I was a young fella and John first released ‘Sadie’, from the time he was a young pop star right up to today, he is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard.”

The ad, put together by Special Group agency and production companies Sweetshop and Louis & Co, will be featured on television, online and OOH.

The Tonight I’ll be eating’ campaign began in 2017, and has included the likes of Rebel Wilson, Hamish & Andy, Ray Martin, Lleyton Hewitt and Lee Lin Chin.


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