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Features October 17, 2023

What Can Artists Learn From Tech?

What Can Artists Learn From Tech?

If you are interested in seeing how artist data can be used to shape the future of the music industry, the Twilio Segment panel ‘What can artists learn from tech and what can tech learn from artists?’ is the most essential session of SXSW Sydney 2023.

SXSW has become synonymous with international music events since its inception in 1987 – combining the world’s best live music program with a conference attended by leaders from all corners of the industry. While many Australians make the pilgrimage to Austin, Texas each year to attend, that’s simply not possible for most people, so the addition of SXSW Sydney is a gift.

Part of the four-day The Courtyard Presented by Rolling Stone feature that will bring a thoughtfully curated array of live music, panels, talks and activations to the Powerhouse Museum, this Twilio Segment panel runs from 2:30pm to 3pm, Friday, October 20th, and is absolute unmissable for anyone working in music.

Delving into the exciting future possibilities of things like data sharing and digital communication; the expert-led panel will explore both the artist and tech sides of the world we live in to see what’s effective, what isn’t, and how everyone can work together to create exciting new opportunities.

The panel will be moderated by The Brag Media/Variety/Rolling Stone Australia CEO Luke Girgis, and features a round table of industry heavyweights: Liz Adeniji – Regional Vice President of Segment; Jaddan Comerford – CEO and Founder of UNIFIED Music Group; and Wayne Baskin – Co-Founder and CTO of Superhero.

Artists have embraced and worked digital tech since its inception, as both a matter of ingenuity and necessity. In turn, the smarter tech companies have recognised this savvy and potential, and focused their considerable brain power on ways to work with artists to a degree of mutual benefit.

This is precisely the symbiotic relationship that communications giant Twilio are forging. Segment is their wildly successful data platform – used to collect, clean and activate data more effectively. For artists, this means vast improvements in areas like fan engagement, as well as driving bigger revenue opportunities.

Tech companies love data, and artists love audiences, so the crossover is a massive slam dunk for both. Through the application of first-party data, artists can tailor their audience engagement so as to connect with fans on a deeper level – providing them with a personalised and more rewarding experience.

But ideas such as this are just the tip of the iceberg. The panel will delve much deeper into innovative, though-provoking territory – using real world case studies such as Twilio Segment’s successful partnership with Fender®, and the online reach of digital music companies Believe and Bandsintown.

To attend this talk you must have an event badge or a music badge. Alternatively, you can register here to be on the RS guest list.

You can try Twilio Segment for free to see how it can improve your fan engagement, audience personalisation, and help you get the most juice out of your data. Check out the platform’s demo HERE.


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