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News August 13, 2020

Triller signs with 7digital in plans to topple TikTok globally

Triller signs with 7digital in plans to topple TikTok globally

Social video startup Triller, which in early August topped Australia’s App Store, has signed a deal with B2B end-to-end digital music solutions platform 7digital to power its music streaming.

The deal comes as the Los Angeles-based AI-powered app moves to topple TikTok, which hit the 250 million download mark this month.

Triller users choose their favourite music to create auto-edited, professional-quality videos, to post on the app or share via social media channels. 

Its investors include Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Marshmello and Lil Wayne.

“What we’re seeing now is a paradigm shift in which technology is fundamentally changing the way fans experience and interact with music,” Triller CEO Mike Lu said.

“The success of our platform and unprecedented rates of engagement in our community shows that people want to do more with music and have a greater voice in discovery and creation. 

“Our partnership with 7digital ensures that the Triller community will have access to a comprehensive and global music catalogue. 

“It also provides back-end capabilities that are essential to our platform’s appeal, enabling us to properly compensate artists and publishers when their music is streamed in viral clips.”

Triller already has 29 million users across 14 countries and five continents.

But 7digital’s strong footprint outside of the US will give it a greater international presence.

7digital will receive both a monthly licensing fee and usage-based payments to encourage Triller’s future growth. 

What Triller gets from 7digital is access to its global catalogue of more than 80 million tracks by licensing its API for music sampling and full-length audio streaming. 

7digital will further provide Triller with back-end support for tracking use and reporting to labels and associations including Sony, Universal Music Group, Merlin and Warner Music Group. 

“Our new contract with Triller is further evidence of 7digital’s commitment to lead the B2B market by supporting the fastest growing and most innovative forms of music consumption,” 7digital CEO Paul Langworthy said.

“Using our music platform and catalogue to serve the content needs of a global audience and manage the intricacy of rights and royalties, 

“Triller can focus on building the experiences that are defining the future of music culture for fans, labels and artists.”

As part of is aggressive growth, Triller unveiled new camera editing tools and content deals with celebrities such as the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. boxing bout.

It is also rolling out its recently acquired Halogen app which heightens connections between creators and fans by giving them access to exclusive videos, sharing live experiences and unlocking superfan experiences for payment.


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