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News January 20, 2021

Country meets Pop songwriting camp draws to a close for 2021

Country meets Pop songwriting camp draws to a close for 2021

Management company Top Dog Group and label Red Dog Recordings are wrapping up their newly-launched initiative, a ‘country meets pop’ songwriting camp.

Participating artists in the camp came from a variety of labels and independent backgrounds including Robby Desa (Sony/ATV), Liam Quinn (Universal Publishing), Rosi Golan, Cyrus Villanueva, Dan Skeed and more.

The participants were mentored at Ralph Street Studios in Sydney by country group The Buckleys, Shannon Noll, Charlie Collins, Jasmine Rae, Southbound and other well-known names in the industry.

“We had such a fantastic time writing with so many brilliant songwriters, artists and producers here in Sydney and saw the creation of so many brilliant songs,” Sarah Buckley said.

“Just seeing our music community come together to create and support each other was truly special.”

Following its success, the song camp is expected to be an annual event. Additionally, many songs written on the camp are expected to be recorded in the future.

“It makes sense to us that if you bring together some of the best in the business from both the country and pop genres that you are going to create some great music! So that’s what we’ve set out to do,” Top Dog CEO Paul Paoliello said in a statement.

Top Dog A&R director David Simon added: “It wasn’t easy curating a camp in a covid-world, battling border closures, session capacity limitations and legal restrictions but we really wanted to make it happen.

“We are expecting a very high cut rate from the week, with many of the artists already confirming they’ll be recordings songs created at the camp.”


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