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News July 30, 2021

TikTok continues livestreaming push with new features & filtering modes

TikTok continues livestreaming push with new features & filtering modes

TikTok has added a host of new features to its TikTok LIVE tool as part of its push into the livestreaming market.

The new features, which effectively bring TikTok up to spec against other livestreaming apps, allow for users to schedule events, go live in groups, hold live Q&As and continue streaming while performing other onscreen tasks via a picture-in-picture function.

Other tweaks include the addition of a Top LIVE panel to the For You and Following pages, as well as the ability for streamers to allocate a dedicated moderator to assist in muting or blocking users.

TikTok LIVE will also now feature a keyword filter, letting hosts turn off comments or add up to 200 terms to filter adverse language from users in the chat.

Viewers will also be prompted to consider the impact of their words prior to commenting via a pop-up window, warning them about the consequences of posting negative or abusive comments mid-stream.

Announcing the changes in a post to its newsroom, TikTok said the updates would assist in making the platform a much safer and more engaging experience for live streamers, noting the exponential growth of the market over the past 12 months.

“Livestreaming has become an integral way for creators and viewers to connect authentically, and over the past year the number of people going LIVE and watching LIVE has doubled,” the post reads.

“The excitement and engagement from the TikTok community is why we continue to invest in new features to aid in safely discovering, creating and consuming LIVE videos.”


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