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News June 2, 2020

TikTok breathes new life into 12-year-old Empire Of The Sun classic

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TikTok breathes new life into 12-year-old Empire Of The Sun classic
Empire Of The Sun / Sequoia-Emmanuelle

TikTok’s growing influence on the new music cycle has become increasingly obvious in recent months, but the platform is also helping introduce a younger audience to some classic pop gems.

With over 1.6 million Australians now on the platform, a new generation of fans have recently become acquainted with legendary duo Empire Of The Sun.

The ARIA-winning outfit, made up of PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and The Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele, released their global hit ‘Walking On A Dream’ in 2008.

The tune is now trending on TikTok with the hashtag #WalkingOnADream going from 52 million views to 1.3 billion in the space of one week.

The record has found its way into a series of videos where the posters use the free-frame video function, before going and walking on top of their free-framed dream.

Among those users to help push the hashtag viral was US singer-songwriter Jason Derulo, who gave his own funny take on performing live in 2020.

‘Walking On A Dream’ even got a mention in TikTok’s weekly Trends Newsletter.

The #WalkingOnADream hashtag was trending alongside #RainOnMe, following the release of the new Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga collaboration.

@jasonderuloI fell off the table ? ##walkingonadream♬ Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun

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