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News June 26, 2019

The Voice Australia: Thomas Bleach recaps the Finals

The Voice Australia: Thomas Bleach recaps the Finals

Season eight of The Voice Australia has proven to be controversial, breathtaking and rule breaking.

With an unprecedented amount of new and returning talent all vying for a prized recording contract with EMI Music Australia, the contestants are not holding back.

Over the past two nights, the top 16 have competed in an electrifying and theatrical round of Finals ahead of the upcoming Semi-Finals. 

With nerves overtaking some performances, others showed their individuality, showmanship and powerhouse vocals. 


5. Chynna Taylor – ‘Alone’

Chynna Taylor is the full package. She’s shown proven a chameleon and vivid storyteller, but with this week’s performance, she stripped it back and showed a raw vulnerability within her artistry. 

Putting her unique twist on the iconic 80’s power ballad ‘Alone’ by Heart, she cemented her star status. With a few emotionally effected flaws at the beginning of the song, she pulled it together for some indescribable big high notes and soulful delivery. 

4. Daniel Shaw – ‘Addicted To Love’

There’s just something about Daniel Shaw that is instantly likeable. As he sat at the piano and made Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’ his own, he showed a true individuality. He’s an artist that is ready to go.

There isn’t a lot of training and creative guidance needed, except for adapting to a bigger stage. But with Goodrem’s wise words in mentoring he picked up little tips to make his well-articulated performance visual and more engaging. 

3. Diana Rouvas – ‘A Song For You’

Diana Rouvas has a voice. She highlighted that in the first season of The Voice in 2012 when she wowed audiences with her performance of Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’.

She returned as an All Star this year to show she was more than just a voice and that she was the whole package. Her performance of Leon Russell’s ‘A Song For You’ finally showcased that with an emotionally fuelled delivery. Belting out the notes flawlessly, she made it her own and showcased the storyteller she could be. 

2. Jack Vidgen – ‘Rise Up’

Jack Vidgen is officially the comeback king of the season and he’s created a serious tabloid and watercooler buzz for season eight. 

The ex-child star showcased his growth and addressed his vulnerabilities with the stunning performance of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’. You can’t fault his vocals with a pristine delivery that will send goosebumps down your spine. His story and his voice is unique and with the right guidance and songwriting mentoring he could be one of Australia’s biggest new global exports. 

1. Zeek Power – ‘Pray For Me’

Individuality is key and Zeek Power highlighted that with his unique spin on The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar’s song, ‘Pray For Me’. Incorporating drawings from his wife brought to life in animation form, this performance was a storytelling success. 

With a romantic and emotional delivery, the essence of this song was brought together in an honest and vulnerable style. In doing so, he’s proved to the country and A&R executives alike that he has what it takes to become an individual artist. 


Natasha Stuart

With an emotionally fuelled performance of ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) featuring a choir made up of her close friends, there were a lot of feelings involved in this beautiful performance. 

Reducing coach Goodrem and host Sonia Kruger to tears, the heightened emotion was genuine and pure. With high notes and underlining honesty, this performance was a clear standout but Goodrem still eliminated her. 

Choosing to continue with all-star Sheldon Riley who is still struggling to connect with audiences and young powerhouse vocalist Jordan Anthony who needs a few years of mentoring before being thrown into the industry, Goodrem lost a star. 

The 2019 Top 12 crop is perhaps the strongest collective of contestants The Voice Australia has ever showcased, and with the next elimination round in the hands of the general public, it has officially become anyone’s game. 

Grand Final week begins Monday night (July 1) on Nine.

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