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News September 24, 2019

‘The Masked Singer’ debuts with massive 1.16 million metro viewers

‘The Masked Singer’ debuts with massive 1.16 million metro viewers

“Probably the most ridiculous show on television!” host Osher Günsberg quipped midway through the first episode.

But certainly ridiculous enough for viewers to tune in and check out the pre-hype.

Network Ten’s local version of The Masked Singer debuted Monday (Sep 23), with an overnight metro audience of  1.16 million and  1.56 million nationally.

It swopped on all the core demos in the 25—54,  18—49,  and 16—39 groups.

In comparison, mass appeal shows as Australian Survivor this year launched with 807,000 metros and finished up with 1.04 million to see its winner being announced.

Bachelor began its 2019 season with 800,000 metros and 1.17 million viewers for the finale.

Certainly Monday’s ratings would have boosted Ten’s confidence that the untried format could justify the expensive production values, a high profile guessing panel and talent fees.

Last night featured Prawn in a musical shoot-out with Alien, Octopus versus Robot and Unicorn against Wolf.

With an over-the-top studio audience and an even more over-the-top guessing panel, the pace is fast and hysterical as the costumed ones provide hints to their identity.

“A lot of heavy metal came my way” was one clue.  To the guessing panel, this could mean Angus Young from AC/DC or Samantha Jade because of the ARIA trophy wins.

The panel is made up of Dannii Minogue, Lindsay Lohan the inevitable US import who’d never been to Australia before (although producers assured her that she personally knew four of the 12 contestants), Dave Hughes (“I’m here as eye candy:) and Jackie O.

Octopus revealed (s)he had “a hand in everything” and despite having a career set out in front of her, had followed a different path.

Suggested hiding behind the costumes were Lauryn Eagle who switched from water skiing to boxer; Paulini who worked in a clothing store before becoming a singer; even Hugo Weaving and Courtney Act.

Octopus was the first to have his/her identity revealed: Gretel Killeen who dropped out of law school to comedy, radio, hosting TV’s Big Brother and wrote a book.

“I was with you only a couple of nights ago, you could have given me a heads up!” Hughes complained


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