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News May 16, 2024

The Beefs Carve Out Global #GoFullSpeedo Campaign

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The Beefs Carve Out Global #GoFullSpeedo Campaign

With a new-ish deal through ORiGiN Music Publishing and a commercial arrangement with Speedo in this Olympics year, it’s all going swimmingly for The Beefs.

The indie rockers soundtrack the fresh Speedo Olympic campaign, a global project for which the Perth-based band cut a new song, “Full Speed.”

Founding member and sole songwriter Sammy Smith has a spot in the #GoFullSpeedo ad, alongside hot Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things, Elvis).

“We sent off a song and the rest was history, really,” Smith tells The Music Network.

“From the first meeting to the final product it genuinely went Full Speedo. One minute we’re having a zoom chat about the campaign then the next I’m flying to Sydney to do a cameo in the ad because they loved the band and the whole world of The Beefs and what it represents so much.”

Since the starting gun went off last week, the clip has captured over 100,000 “likes” on the official Speedo Instagram account. The Australia-originated swimming kit specialist plans to push its promo across other platforms in the weeks ahead.

The action doesn’t end there. “Full Speed” will be added to the band’s just released EP Grillin Jams Vol 1, and re-released next Wednesday, May 22, at which time the song will be serviced to radio and pitched to DSPs.

A 7” wax release will arrive in due course via Impressed, reps say.

Since the campaign has gone live, notes Smith, “we’ve been exposed to a large demographic of people globally that otherwise might not have discovered us and Speedo has really facilitated that with championing the song so much.”

“Full Speed” was rush-released on Tuesday, May 14.

“It’s been awesome seeing it connect to people everywhere from here in Australia to France, the U.K. to the U.S. and who knows where else,” adds Smith.

A self-produced, self-released band which has collaborated with the likes of Kirin J Callinan, Julian Sudek (Royel Otis, Genesis Owusu), Micheal Temonty (The Delta Riggs) and Lucy Lucy, The Beefs are represented for publishing by ORiGiN on a global basis, through a deal struck earlier this year. 

Australian sports fans will be glued to their screens when the Summer Games kick off July 26 in Paris, with the pool — and Speedos — typically dominating the first week’s schedule. 


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