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News May 14, 2018

Techstars Music Accelerator offers 10 visions of the future

Techstars Music Accelerator offers 10 visions of the future

The Techstars Music Accelerator 2018 in Los Angeles saw ten start-ups presenting their ideas to investors and the music industry.

Each company gets $120,000 and move to Techstars’s LA headquarters for 13 weeks of mentoring from 300 execs in the music, media, technology and venture capital sectors.


Seated totally empowers the artist, to directly market themselves to their fans when they, say, go on tour – from announcing dates and venues to selling the tickets

Currently most of this process has to be given away to third parties, be it promoters or venues.

By getting more buyer data and more marketing tools from Seated, the whole process can be run by the artist.


Offers marketing artificial intelligence via monitoring artists and songs in real time, radio monitoring in 23 countries, streaming sales and social media activity.

This kind of aggregated information allows the artist and manager to work out where to tour and record companies to decide who to sign and where to divert marketing funds.


HelloTickets solves the problem faced by artists, venues and promoters that they can’t control what happens after a ticket is sold.

Spanish ticketing vet Jorge Díaz Largo created a “smart ticket” standard based on the blockchain.

It has a QR code like a normal ticket, but which changes every 30 seconds and prevents the ticket from being duplicated and resold.

The artist is in the driver’s seat, in terms of the maximum or minimum price for resale, and percentage share of the sale.


Spark DJ is an interactive game that allows customers in a venue to choose the music on its sound system – and adds to its loyalty program.

A selection of songs flashes on the TV screen. A customer chooses one via a smartphone. Others vote for the song they want to hear, resulting in the “curator” building up points which can be redeemed with free drinks or food.

It saves the venue on paying expensive music programmers, and allows it to promote events or items on the TV screen.


One of the major flaws of music services is their inability to learn from the gaming sector to tap in to the passion of the surefan who will pay huge amounts extra for experiences and memorabilia.

Through its online store and radio devoted to heavy metal, Gimme Media offers experiences as hanging out or attendance at Megadeth fan bootcamp.


Profiled last week in TMN, Blink Identity’s facial identification technology allows a patron at a concert to have their face recognised and linked instantly to a database which recognises if the person has a ticket or not,

Now in the Ticketmaster camp, the technology rules out queues and further allows the venue to communicate with patrons and ensures their safety.

But the continuing security  privacy factor of the data is yet to be resolved.


Artificial intelligence to help ghost-write rap lyrics with a system called RAPGOD ai. It is used for personal raps (sending a message to a partner) or something to be released to the market.

Amateurs get “help” (hence the “second brain”) from superstar raps as Snoop and Tupac).

An idea is that as the artist gets excited as raps develop, they start to be more inventive with their lyrics and sounds


Endel software uses a wide array of deciding factors – heart rate, walking pace and temperature – to include in their algorithm to provide personalised playlist and visuals depending on time of day and type of activity.

Endel’s scientific approach to its use of music cuts deeper, pulling sections from, or slightly adapting of, a piece of music to augment the mood to be created.


The portable iPod streaming device provides an easy option for those on the go who want to listen to Spotify but don’t want to deal with damaging their phones or losing their internet connection or dealing with battery drains.

“Disconnect from digital distractions and be one with your music for a healthier and more mindful life” is the company’s mantra.


Edison ai’s technology provides artists and music industry execs with a deeper understanding of social media and their fans who use visual and photo capabilities like Instagram and Twitter.

It can scan photos of every follower of an act, and provides information on everything – their clothes, shoes, music choices, holiday destinations and brand affinities.

This in turn allows the artist to streamline the process of cutting deals with brands with the data to back up the partnership’s fine print.


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