News April 9, 2021

Sydney Opera House launches streaming service with shows by Bon Iver, H.E.R.

Sydney Opera House launches streaming service with shows by Bon Iver, H.E.R.

Past Sydney Opera House shows by Bon Iver, H.E.R., Solange and Ziggy Ramo are among those available for free on the iconic venue’s new streaming service, Stream.

The catalogue is relatively small to begin, with just over 30 hours of programming take from 45 recorded live music and theatrical performances – but new content will be added monthly, according to an announcement from the iconic venue.

These will include four concerts this weekend (April 9 to 11) with Jack River, Ziggy Ramo & DJ Plead, the Sydney Symphony Strings and A Sunset Gathering of Music with Barkaa, Becca Hatch, JK-47, Kobie Dee, Milan Ring, Spvrrow and the Trackwork label showcase feat. T Breezy, Walkerboy, Sevy, Bayang and Utility.

There’s also footage from the successful From Our House to Yours weekly digital program, which the Opera House team pulled together in ten days after the venue had to close in March 2020.

With acts like Gordi, Briggs and Winston Surfshirt, in three months the series had generated over 3.4 million global views and listens and 9.7 million minutes of content watched.

The program was expanded in May with the launch of a real-time ‘digital stage’ in the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

For rent between $10 to $35 per month are some concerts like Sunnyboys – Live in Concert as well as videos of discussions about the way digital technology has disrupted and defined the different artform, as well as Opera House Talks & Ideas festivals Antidote 2020 and All About Women 2021.

The Opera House’s head of digital programming, Stuart Buchanan, said digital program should live beyond the confines of the stage, with digital-first work that celebrates the ways in which technology is being embraced and disrupted in the performing arts.

“Artists have always been early adopters of any new technology,” Buchanan said.

“Through the pandemic, we are seeing a critical mass of audiences follow their lead and embrace streaming as a truly viable alternative to in-venue performance.

“With Stream, we have created a space that is accessible for all audiences anywhere in the world as well as local patrons who cannot visit theatres in-person.”

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