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News January 15, 2024

Surreal Launches Agent Productivity Tool Worldwide, Unveils First Clients In Australia, U.S. (EXCLUSIVE)

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Surreal Launches Agent Productivity Tool Worldwide, Unveils First Clients In Australia, U.S. (EXCLUSIVE)

After rolling out in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, Surreal presses the button on its agent productivity tool for clients worldwide.

From today, Jan. 15, the live entertainment tech business’ specialised software is available for booking agents, targeting those who work operating predominantly across pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Roughly 6-12 months went into the product, built by the internal tech team at Surreal (formerly known as Muso) and based off five-plus years of research and insight building, explains Alan Jin, COO of Surreal,

The tool, reads a statement, should “eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens,” with a suite of features including power scheduling and booking, artist management, offer and booking system, automated payments and more.

The killer feature is “definitely the power scheduling and booking,” which enables agents to book across multiple venues, simultaneously, see their artists’ availabilities and clashes, notes Jin, and book automatically through the app.

“It’s like the power of Google Calendar and spreadsheets, but built specifically for agent workflows,” he continues.

“This eliminates back and forth between multiple parties to get the job done.” And agents “love being able to see everything in one spot.”

Agencies can also manage their artists in their artist roster, save artists, tag them, identify them as “favourites”.

All artists’ gigs listed are listed in the app, complete with reminders, and they’re encouraged to talk amongst themselves with a chat function.

Artist invoices are automatically generated, batched and sent to the venue, with commission. When invoices are paid, agent commission and artists are automatically paid by Surreal.

Worksheets are built-in.

A raft of Australia-based agencies are now hooked up, including WAT Artists, Listen Up, Sounds Good Agency, Together Agency, Neumark Productions and UNDR CTRL.

Further afield, Surreal has signed up its first agency in the U.S., Backline Partners, which operates across three states.

By freeing agents from “time-consuming tasks,” adds Jin, “we’re not just boosting their productivity; we’re enabling them to focus on growth. This shift in focus is crucial – as agents grow, they create more events, bringing vibrancy and richness to the live entertainment scene globally.”

The launch marks a “significant step forward for Surreal in its mission to enrich local live entertainment scenes,” reads a statement, and follows a corporate rebrand, announced last August after five years operating as Muso.

Founded in 2018 by co-founders, Jeremiah Siemianow, Brandon Crimmins and Jin, Surreal secured a $2 million seed-plus raise, enabling the brand to expand into the U.K. and across the Tasman.

Later that year, the business took out Music Tech Platform Of The Year at the 2021 Tinnies

Visit for pricing and more on its new agent productivity tool.


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