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News June 17, 2021

Spotify & Deezer announce new platforms for creators

Spotify & Deezer announce new platforms for creators
Spotify Greenroom

Spotify and Deezer have announced new apps to build up the careers and marketing prowess of their respective global creators.

Spotify Greenroom launched globally overnight as a live audio conversations app which it says will allow its musician, songwriter and podcaster creators the chance to foster closer relationships with their fans.

The platform will enable creators to host real-time ask-me-anything Q&As, debates and discussions.

Its recording and live broadcast facilities will “aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate growth of the live category overall”, the company said.

Greenroom is a rebrand of the sports-centred The Locker Room, which it acquired in March.

Its content will expand to more music and culture, and will take on Clubhouse and Twitter’s new Spaces apps.

Like Clubhouse, Green Room will allow payments to creators, depending on how many people tune into the creator’s room – these currently have a capacity of 1,000 but that will be increased – and the level of fan consumption.

Spotify said the initiative is designed to “make an impact on [creators’] careers”, with CEO Daniel Ek saying Spotify’s millions of creators are the world’s best.

“The 8 million creators we have are some of the world’s best storytellers,” he said.

“They’re some of the world’s best comedians. They’re some of the world’s best musicians. Some of the world’s best athletes. Some of the world’s best educators.

“So, the opportunity in live, just from a consumer standpoint, is, how can we create really engaging formats to allow these creators to express themselves and connect with their audience?”

“We’ve been watching the space from afar, just feeling very, very excited about the potential opportunity, and with our creator base, and with our 350 million user base, I am sure that there will be magical moments created with the advent of live.”

Rival Deezer has also launched Deezer For Creators, a a smart analytics tool to help musicians and other creators to build their reach and performance by providing them with personalised insights and stats.

When a track is added to a playlist, the creator is immediately notified.

A shareable editorial playlist card allows them to share it immediately with fans, as well as post on their social channels.

They also get streaming data monitored, broken down in daily, weekly and monthly, and spotlighting platforms, countries and gender.

Frederic Antelme, head of content at Deezer, said data can often be overwhelming and perplexing.

“Our new Deezer For Creators app breaks it all down in an easy-to-read format that helps you plan your next step.

“Whether it’s to improve your results or plan ahead for your next big launch. It’s the only mobile app that provides artists with a success predictor tool to help you measure and adjust marketing plans accordingly.”


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