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News November 13, 2019

SoundCloud’s latest feature lets you promote tracks, build buzz

SoundCloud’s latest feature lets you promote tracks, build buzz

SoundCloud Premier users can now pay to increase the size of their following and promote tracks.

The new self-service tool, Promote On SoundCloud, went live overnight.

Artists can boost their original tracks to the top of Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriber feeds and mobile homepages.

The idea is to shine a bigger spotlight on new music, or create a buzz for ensuing albums and tour dates.

Creators can set their own budget, pick from a number of target options to drive plays and be where people are listening, reach out to a wider range of consumers, and enjoy a real-time interactive connection with their fans.

“Promote on SoundCloud is an important addition to SoundCloud Premier, which offers creators wide distribution, more earning potential, and now, a way to proactively promote their music on SoundCloud,” said Gilles BianRosa, the company’s chief product officer.

“By promoting on SoundCloud, creators get the added benefit of combining Promote on SoundCloud reports with SoundCloud stats to see comprehensive engagement data, a unique capability for creators who choose SoundCloud.”

SoundCloud’s 20 million creators from 190 countries have uploaded 200 million tracks.

Earlier Premier features already allow SoundCloud creators to promote tracks directly to fans in real-time, and distribute them through major music services as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Instagram, Spotify, Tencent and YouTube no additional cost.

They also get paid royalties by these services through their SoundCloud accounts.

The new tool comes months after Spotify allowed record companies, publishers or management firms to pay to have their fans’ tracks targeted through a ‘Brand New Music For You’ pop-up visual ad.


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