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News December 18, 2020

Want to know the most-Shazamed songs in Melbourne or Mount Isa? Now you can

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Want to know the most-Shazamed songs in Melbourne or Mount Isa? Now you can

Shazam is launching a suite of new charts in Australia, as part of fresh, global outreach for its brand.

Announced overnight, Shazam rolls out 18 new charts for Australia and a dozen other territories, covering off pop, hip-hop/rap, dance and other genres.

The new charts are updated daily, will rank rolling data for the past week and – for the real pros among us – they’re downloadable in CSV format.

Coming out at No. 1 on the Australia Top 200 chart is Jason Derulo and Nuka’s ‘Love Not War (The Tampa Beat),’ just ahead of Tones And I’s ‘Fly Away’.

The music identification specialist also breaks out the most Shazamed tracks in Australia’s cities and and across dozens of smaller towns.

In Brisbane, Tones’ ‘Fly Away’ is the most Shazamed track this week. And in Broken Hill, the leader is ‘Lasting Lover’ by Sigala and James Arthur.’

Shazamers in Sydney and Melbourne tagged ‘Love Not War’ more than any other song this week.

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According to Billboard, the top genres “Shazamed” worldwide were pop, hip-hop/rap, and dance, and a collection of the top songs by genre.

And the top of the pop category? It was none other than Tones And I’s unstoppable hit ‘Dance Monkey,’ which is already recognized as the most-Shazamed song of the year, and of all time.

The global charts are the first major rollout from Apple-owned Shazam since its Discovery Top 50 chart went live in August 2019.

The Shazam app, which lets users identify a recording by pointing a smart phone at the song, has been downloaded more than a billion times since its commercial rollout in August 2002.

An early version allowed users to “tag” a track by dialing a four-digital number on their handsets and pointing it toward the source of the music for roughly 30 seconds.

Shazam then issued an SMS identifying the title and its performer.

Today, it boasts about 20 million “Shazams” each day and 200 million people log on each month.

Tech giant Apple snapped up the U.K. company in 2018 in a deal worth an estimated US$400 million.

Check out Shazam’s new Australia charts here.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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