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News September 5, 2019

BIGSOUND 2019: Why Shazam is a key tool for Australian radio

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BIGSOUND 2019: Why Shazam is a key tool for Australian radio
Image: Ditto Lounge / Supplied

It no surprise that observing chart performance of trending songs on Spotify and Apple Music is an important tool for music programmers on Australian radio.

But when it comes to actually choosing which songs to playlist, it’s hard to beat the data from music discovery app Shazam.

In a talk at the Ditto Lounge during BIGSOUND 2019, Hit105 music director Jake Powell and assistant MD Rohan Edwards spoke about the importance of identifying trending songs on Shazam.

Working at a station with a CHR format, it’s key that the pair are on top of songs that are tickling the ears of Aussies, especially in a city like Brisbane where commercial radio tends to be quite progressive.

“We look at Spotify, we look at Apple Music [charts], we look at Shazam,” says Powell

“Shazam is really important to us because we can see songs spike up in popularity.

Edwards adds: “I actually think Shazam is the best one. Shazam won’t discriminate on artist, genre of music or anything.

“For example we were on Tones and I early on, based on her Shazam data.

“I think we even spun one of her tracks before triple j did!” says Powell.

Since the purchase of Shazam by Apple, Apple Music has launched a new discovery music chart, another good way for MDs to see what’s hot.

“We can see what people are actively searching for and listening to,” says Edwards.

So what’s their advice for emerging artists who want to get played on commercial radio?

It’s all about being persistent.

“Just keep sending your music into different stations, and if you don’t get a response the first time, send again,” insists Edwards.

“Ultimately, we’re here to support Aussie music and provide a platform,” says Powell.

Check out the latest Shazam Australia Chart at

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