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News September 11, 2019

Golden Robot’s ‘Rock N Food’ series added to Virgin in-flight [exclusive]

Golden Robot’s ‘Rock N Food’ series added to Virgin in-flight [exclusive]

Golden Robot Global Entertainment film and TV production division’s, Rock N Food series is added to Virgin Australia’s in-flight entertainment.

The seven-part series, which launched earlier this year, will be on all the airlines’ domestic and international flights from November.

The latest episode (#7) features Choirboys singer and Aussie music legend Mark Gable.

Rock N Food is not really just about rock ‘n roll and food, it is more about life and not just the life of rock stars,” explains Gable.

Rock N Food is more about a man named Mark Alexander-Erber and his passion for two things that mean so much to him – rock music, and the people that make it.

“The food is the question that needs to be asked, ‘Who and what are you?’

“Someone once told me, ‘you can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear’.

“You can tell more about everyone by where and what they eat.”

Rock N Food is filmed on location in Sydney and LA by Vincent Stone of Short Black Films and hosted by Golden Robot Global Entertainment’s CEO and founder, Mark Alexander-Erber, who came up with the concept.

The series showcases artists at their favourite bar, café or restaurant, taking about their favourite dish, their best fast-food experience, why they love food and its importance in their daily lives, as well as the memories it can evoke.

At the same time, viewers discover new things about their music, their history and how their success – and failures – have shaped them.

The seven episodes released so far feature artists from a range of genres and music backgrounds, including Golden Robot subsidiary Social Family Records’ Glenn Shorrock and Hayley Jensen.

Says Jensen, “Food is an incredible thing in that it can take you back to a special time or memory in life – very similar to music actually!

“For me, delicious food, particularly fresh seafood paired with great wine, goes hand in hand with celebrating precious moments.

“I’m so excited to be sharing my passion for food and music with guests aboard Virgin Airlines!”

Coming up are episodes featuring Andrew Swift, Jackie Barnes, Steve Stevens and Dizzy Reed.


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