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News October 18, 2022

Robin Schulz Accused of Releasing ‘Direct Copy’ of Southstar’s ‘Miss You’

Robin Schulz Accused of Releasing ‘Direct Copy’ of Southstar’s ‘Miss You’

Robin Schulz is back in the charts with “Miss You,” and in potential hot water as a fellow German producer claims the song is a rip-off.

Rising artist and producer Southstar (real name Leon Kirschnek) dropped his cut “Miss You” on May 9, which was re-released via Sony Music on July 30 after catching fire in his native Germany, then going viral.

Schulz, the established musician, DJ and producer, played the tune at his La Garden Party set in Paris in July, according to a statement from Sony Music, then released his “identical version” on Aug. 5.

Oliver Tree appears as a featured artist on Schulz’s release, which debuts at No. 28 in the U.K., where it’s released through Atlantic. That’s good enough for the second-best start for any new track on the latest frame.

Southstar’s release, via B1/Ministry Of Sound, opens at No. 62 on the latest Official U.K. Singles Chart.

Schulz’s “version was identified as a 1:1 direct copy of Southstar’s under the same name, same sample and same production, demonstrating Schulz’ attempt to take the credit and direct support away from Southstar’s breakout record instead of championing the next generation of talent,” reads the Sony Music statement.

“With the unfortunate benefit of already having a working relationship, Robin’s team were able to get the approval from Oliver Tree’s camp to become a main artist on his copycat version.”

A reworking of Oliver Tree’s “Jerk,” Southstar’s “Miss You” doesn’t include vocals from the California singer, though the publishing was cleared, say reps for the Berlin-based Southstar.

Southstar “would have loved to have Oliver on his record,” reads a message from Southstar’s U.K. publicity team, issued late August, “but before any terms could be finalised with him, Robin Schulz dropped the copycat song.”

That statement continues, “With the unfortunate benefit of both Robin Schulz and Oliver Tree being both WMG artists, Robin’s management were able to get the approval from Oliver Tree’s camp to become a main artist on his version.”

Southstar is determined to set the record straight.

“I reworked ‘Jerk’ by Oliver Tree out of pure admiration for his track and vocals,” he comments.

“We cleared the publishing rights with the three authors of ‘Jerk’, including Oliver Tree, allowing me to release my reworked version of ‘Jerk’ called ‘Miss You’. And contrary to some rumours circulating online, I never sold this rework or my production.”

It’s “disappointing for me to see that an exact copy of my rework ‘Miss You’ is up under the name of another famous producer,” he adds, “and is even being perceived as the original version instead of mine.”

Southstar made a veiled reference to the copyright brouhaha in his music video for “Miss You,” in which the words “fuck copycats” can be seen painted on a building.

Neither Tree nor Schulz, whose “Prayer In C” collaboration with Lilly Wood went to No. 1 in the U.K. back in 2014, have commented on Southstar’s claims.

Stream both versions of “Miss You” below.


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