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exclusive News September 21, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Carroll’s Good Intent launches new music blog

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Carroll’s Good Intent launches new music blog

Sydney-based publicist and promoter Rob Carroll’s Good Intent platform is in the process of expanding.

Good Intent recently announced their PR and Label Services agency, which pitches tracks to triple j, community radio, DSPs and worldwide blogs, and provides counsel on career planning, strategy and development.

Earlier this week, the agency launched its Spotify playlist, which each Tuesday features up to 20 new tracks that Carroll and his team are listening to.

Tonight (Friday) the site will introduce a blog, which updates weekly with new tracks that the team deem worthy of checking out further.

“In the age of the music blog decline, we felt compelled to create another platform, so artists have an additional avenue to gain exposure and have their story told a little more in-depth,” Carroll explains.

“Given the diminishing opportunities in the current local online music press climate, we felt that this is the right time to step up and aim to be another voice that helps support artists from all around Australasia.”

Carroll’s approach for the blog is to go for quality over quantity, and “will only cover music we’re genuinely excited about.

“There are only a handful of blogs with clout that remain in Australia, where people will actually pay attention. Our aim is to work towards being another one of those outlets whose voice carries impact.

“As a publicist, I know first-hand that support from online tastemakers can really help conversations along where it counts, like at radio and DSPs.”

Email them at with your stuff. Don’t send files, they only listen to streaming links.

Before setting up Good Intent, Carroll was with Chugg Entertainment subsidiary Rare Finds, a Sydney-based artist services and events agency that started in 2010 which effectively unearths some exciting new music.

“I really valued the four years I was there. Michael Chugg and the team really care about Australian music and its sustainability,” Carroll says.

“As sad it was to move on, I felt it was the right time to go out on my own.

“I’ve got a clear vision of what I want to achieve, and I’m excited to continue rolling that out.”

Current clients for the PR & Label Services include:

Billy Fox


Bootleg Rascal


Hey Geronimo


Kingdom Sounds (venue and events booking agency)

Nathan Cavaleri

National Arts Council Singapore

Papaya Tree

Ralph (Canada)

Ross Henry

Ruby Gill

The Gooch Palms

Young Futura (USA)

Yunizon (record label)


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