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exclusive News October 1, 2019

Riot averted at teen punk show in Sydney [exclusive]

Riot averted at teen punk show in Sydney [exclusive]

A warm-up show for teen punk outfit the Kids came close to a riot.

With apparent neo-Nazi chants made, the perpetrators were thrown out of the venue with police arriving in force.

The action took place at Staves Brewery in Glebe on Sunday night (Sept 29).

The Kids were headlining before a month-long national tour behind their new single ‘I Thought My Family Was Rich’, promoted by Fat Rat Promotions and their record label Riot Records, a Golden Robot imprint.

Fast-paced and hard-punching sets from label mates The Shit Tinnies, and Speedball set it up for The Kids.

However four songs into their 45-minute set, two members of an early support act started yelling out insults, right-wing chants and breaking chairs before rushing the stage and angrily asking the Kids’ singer why their set was given a shorter time and why no one was in the room to watch their set three hours earlier.

Bandleader and drummer Jagger Alexander-Erber rushed out front, grabbed the mic and shouted: “What did you just say?”

During the next 10 minutes, more aggro flew, with The Kids shoving back. Alexander-Erber armed himself with a cymbal which was applied to the interlopers.

Eyewitnesses said patrons hid in the toilets and behind the bar, as the skirmish saw more chairs broken, glasses smashed and equipment thrown about.

Finally, band members, parents and audience members threw the trouble-makers out and six squad cars and ten officers from the Glebe precinct arrived.

The Kids never finished their set, and contented themselves with next playing this weekend in Adelaide.

One of the fathers said afterwards: “There is absolutely no place for this kind of behaviour, especially when a lot of work and effort goes into putting these gigs together…

“This kind of Neolithic behaviour won’t be tolerated and as we proved tonight, people-power won over bad behaviour that incites violence and has the potential to shut down another of Sydney’s live music venues.”

Fat Rat posted a statement on its Facebook page: “Punk is about community, yes a little bit of anarchy and a lot of tongue in cheek humour..

“But first and foremost it’s about community.

“Punk is a place where everyone is accepted and welcome, regardless of race, religion, political views, gender or sexuality.

“We, as a punk community need to be supporting each other, and treating each other, each other’s property and the very few dedicated venues we have left with respect.

“There is no room for this arrogant macho bullshit.

“Last night was not a complete disaster, as the majority rallied together to dampen a situation that could have literally ended in tragedy.

“I would like to thank everyone, including the venues management and staff, that helped control the situation.

“Ladies and gentleman, Punk is definitely not dead… but sometimes it acts like an asshole.”

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