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News October 27, 2015

Rhapsody acquires Soundtracking and entire ex-Exfm team

Rhapsody International has acquired Soundtracking – the app, technology and its team, while also recruiting the entire team behind Exfm, the developers of music discovery technology and mobile apps.

Paul Springer, SVP Americas and Head of Product at Rhapsody says, “With Soundtracking, they created an entirely new way for people to express themselves by sharing their musical moments…We’re excited to incorporate that creativity and community focus within Rhapsody’s suite of music services.”

Rhapsody was the first service out of the blocks to allow unlimited streaming for a flat monthly fee. By 2002 it had deals in place with all of the major labels and has since gone on to acquire the legitimate version of Napster.

Rhapsody’s move into discovery tools comes off the back of Spotify’s acquisition of the Echo Nest and Apple’s Beats purchase, which prides itself on its personnel-curated playlists.

Springer adds, “We’re thrilled to have them join Rhapsody, and put that product, design and technology expertise to work on the things we’re building here. Together, we’ll help music fans explore, play and love more music.”


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