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News November 9, 2018

Review finds Live Music Office has important future but needs government support

Review finds Live Music Office has important future but needs government support

The Live Music Office (LMO) has an important future in the development of Australia’s live music sector – but a commitment from government to continue its financial support is essential.

This is the finding of a review conducted by APRA AMCOS on whether the LMO had a future after five years in operation.

In August the organisation teamed with Voice Project to conduct a survey of 200 stakeholders.

They represented federal, state and local government, industry, venues and creators located in regional, remote and metropolitan Australia.

A small number of international participants involved in live music regulatory best practice were also surveyed.

The results demonstrated, for the most part, strong appreciation for the work of the LM, which is run by jazz musician John Wardle.

An impressive 80% found the LMO is effective in promoting the interests of the live music scene.

85% acknowledged it has reduced the barriers to live music, and 85% also regarded it advocated on behalf of live music scene.

89% support the work conducted by the LMO, 88% will continue to use it, 88% thought its staff had a high level of engagement with them and 84% have no problem recommending it to others.

However, in an alarming note, only 73% see a future for its future due to the uncertainty of funding.

APRA AMCOS CEO, Dean Ormston, said this morning, “Live music provides cities, towns and centres with a competitive economic and social advantage.

“But so often red-tape and over-regulation means the benefits of live music cannot be accessed or enjoyed by Australians.

“Live music is also one of the key drivers for the success of Australia’s music industry.

“Not only does it provide musicians and songwriters a platform to be heard, it is also the feeding ground for the next generation of artists and a critical source of revenue for musicians and the industry.”

Ormston said that the thrust of the survey’s findings were two-fold.

One was that the LMO “has been successful in transforming the regulatory barriers in many places across the country and embedding live music as an important cultural and economic activity. “

But secondly, “It also finds the work of the Office is not finished and there is room for improvement, particularly with the way industry stakeholders are harnessed in all areas of the country.

“We will now work with industry, government, venues and creators on finalising a blueprint and securing ongoing government funding for the Office to ensure that its work is focused and effective because we now know this work is vital.”

For a list of LMO’s achievements, head to their official website.


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