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News November 24, 2021

UPDATED: Did singer Reigan Derry really tell Jolyon Petch she didn’t want credit on Dreams cover?

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UPDATED: Did singer Reigan Derry really tell Jolyon Petch she didn’t want credit on Dreams cover?
Pictured: TMRW Music staff with Jolyon Petch. L-R: Emma McGarry (marketing manager), Jordan Lambert (A&R/club promotions co-ordinator), Tim McGee (CEO), Chris Fraser (head of A&R), Jolyon Petch, Luke Byatt (streaming manager) & Anna Fitzgerald (director of publicity & promotions)

Australian singer Reigan Derry has claimed that her vocals were used without consent or credit on Jolyon Petch’s cover of the Fleetwood Mac smash ‘Dreams’, a claim which Petch refutes.

Derry took to Instagram during Wednesday night’s ARIA Awards to share her frustration and disappointment at Petch and his label, TMRW Music, saying she feels “invisible and powerless” and is “embarrassed and exhausted” by the situation.

“My name isn’t on ‘Dreams’ and I have been reluctant and scared to talk about it because I have felt embarrassed and been exhausted by the whole situation,” she wrote.

“The last few months have been some of the most painful, consuming, and expensive months of my life. Right now, instead of celebrating being a platinum-selling, ARIA-nominated artist, I have been silenced, bullied, insulted, and belittled.”

“Jolyon Petch released ‘Dreams’ without my consent and without written agreement.”

“It has now been more that 2 months since I asked Jolvon to acknowledge me and credit me on a song that is solely sung by me.”

The record was nominated for Best Dance Release at the 2021 ARIA Awards, a gong that ultimately went to RÜFÜS DU SOL for ‘Alive’.

Derry went on to accuse both Petch and TMRW of “copyright infringement” in her post.

“Jolyon then released ‘Dreams’ through TMRW without further consultation,” she wrote.

“He did not include me in the artist’s agreement. He did not get consent to use my vocals. We did not have any other kind of written agreement. There was no contract. There was no licensing fee. There has been no conversations about percentages or name features for ‘Dreams’ at all.”

TMN obtained a text message exchange between Derry and Petch in which the singer explains her upcoming release plans for new “indie/folk stuff”, and therefore wasn’t seeking credit on the now Platinum dance cover rocketed to the top of the TMN Hot 100 airplay chart.

“Also I should let you know! My indie/folk stuff is coming out so I’ll be using Reigan for all that stuff and Red London for everything else aka holding on,” Derry informed Petch.

“If you’d like you don’t have to put my name as a feature and just have it as Jolyon.”

However, Derry has since posted to her Instagram (pictured, below) where she has shared more of that conversation with Petch in response to this article, which suggests the exchange dates back to March 2020 and is actually about another song entirely.

Derry has since told TMN the vocals for ‘Dreams’ were not recorded until August 2020, and that she now has over $8,000 in legal costs following protracted negotiations with Petch.

A fan of the former Australian Idol favourite has already set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the legal costs, with $100 of a $10,000 target already donated at 11.30pm AEDT on Wednesday.

TMN also reached out to TMRW Music, who said that Derry “did not want to be named as a feature artist” on the release, despite initial attempts to include her.

“In July 2021, as the record gained traction, we reached out to Reigan and actively tried to include her in promotion for the record,” a TMRW Music spokesperson told TMN.

“Her name was also mentioned in interviews and online content with Jolyon.

“Reigan stated she was happy to be involved in promotion for the record and that it was in her best interest to do so, even though she didn’t want to put her name to the release originally.

“Subsequent to these conversations, Reigan approached Jolyon asking to be featured on the record and to receive a share of royalties. As TMRW licensed the recording from Jolyon, these negotiations have been taking place directly between Jolyon and Reigan and their legal teams.

“On November 12 we were advised by Jolyon’s team that an agreement had been reached between both parties’ legal teams for Reigan to feature on the record and participate in a share of the artist income. We have been awaiting confirmation of execution of this agreement so that we can proceed with making changes to the product.

“We are disappointed to hear that this is not the case.”

When quizzed by TMN on the status of those talks, Petch’s team replied with “no comment”.


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