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April 13, 2017

Fear At The Top: John Watson, Eleven

Fear At The Top: John Watson, Eleven

“I’m very certain that in order for an artist to have success overseas there needs to be a person or people behind a desk in LA or New York or London that has a direct stake in their success. A financial stake and an emotional stake […] and if you sign a worldwide deal out of Australia you don’t particularly get that opportunity.”

CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are, as well as all the mistakes they’ve made, and what they’ve learned from running their hugely successful companies.

The legendary manager who helped helm the careers of Silverchair, Midnight Oil, Gotye and more speaks about the unimportance of capturing equity in a management business, why he isn’t looking to scale his business, and details some of his biggest mistakes and achievements in his highly successful career.


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