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Feature Week September 29, 2020

Play MPE updates Player mobile app, launches new streamlined Release Creator for Caster

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Play MPE updates Player mobile app, launches new streamlined Release Creator for Caster

Play MPE has made a significant update to its platform, with the forthcoming launch of an improved Player mobile app as well as a refined Release Creator for Caster, to be unveiled soon.

The updated version of Release Creator, scheduled for October, includes updates to the tools used for creating digital music promo campaigns.

In addition, Play MPE’s director of operations Alen Vitasovic tells TMN the Release Creator will help users streamline the process of getting marketing and music content out.

“Not only does it optimise the process of uploading, creating, scheduling and delivering content to recipients, but it also provides tools to create amazing promotional email campaigns with a super simple and easy-to-use email builder,” Vitasovic said.

“The idea is to enable literally everyone, no matter their technical proficiency or artistic talent, to be able to create the kind of email campaigns that would otherwise require advanced knowledge of web programming or image editing software suites, all with an easy and fun drag-and-drop user experience.

“It also assists with quality control as it directs users to include all important metadata with their releases, maximising their chances of success.”

When it comes to the Player mobile app, Vitasovic concedes that the upgrade provides a “much-needed design refresh”, with a view to making both the iOS and Android versions feel more consistent and in-line with the platform’s web player.

There’s a new offline streaming mode, improved browsing, archiving, searching and filtering capabilities. Other changes include deep links from email notifications, mobile notifications, password-free login, and sync between devices.

“Accessing your content on-the-go and getting a large part of your day-to-day work done from a mobile device will bring a significant improvement in efficiency and flexibility – which we can all use in today’s fast-paced world,” Vitasovic adds.

Being a part of the wider music industry, Vitasovic and the team at Play MPE have seen the impact of COVID-19 and the challenges it has posed, with indie artists, labels and promoters copping it hardest.

He says Play MPE wanted to be one of the first to adapt to the opportunities that it has opened up, with many musicians unable to tour and getting back in the studio.

“Some pivoted their strategies more quickly than others, but as with everything else, within a crisis can be a hidden opportunity. With today’s technology advances and the affordability of equipment, everyone has a pretty decent setup in their homes to record.

“With collaboration tools and expanding communication options, it has made the whole production, mixing and mastering process much more adaptable. We are definitely seeing an increased volume of content being created and released.

“That’s where platforms and tools like Play MPE definitely make a difference enabling artists, labels and promoters to reach important programmers, decision-makers and influencers to optimise their exposure and, at the end of the day, revenue, especially from royalties.

“Those who are not afraid to think outside of the box, embrace innovation and hustle are doing great and we’re happy to be part of their success.”

Picture: Alen Vitasovic, Director of Operations at Play MPE

As for those who aren’t already using Play MPE’s Caster? Vitasovic says that now’s as good a time as any to join the growing digital ecosystem.

“Being able to empower users who are promoting or discovering music to reach a lot further than their own backyard is gratifying. From major labels to independent artists on one end and everyone from radio programmers to influential music bloggers on the other, connecting and collaborating in this way, can make the difference between achieving moderate success and accelerating it.

“We, as a team and a platform, are as passionate about your projects as you are and it feels amazing to see people achieving their goals.

“By becoming part of our wonderful Play MPE world you get to use the exact same tools and networks the major players do.

“We also love to hear from our users and exchange ideas to keep pushing for innovation. Nothing makes us happier than enabling our clients to enrich the world with more amazing music.”

Learn more about Play MPE and Release Creator for Caster here.


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