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News August 11, 2021

Sony Music confirms Pat Handlin & Mark Stebnicki ‘no longer with the company’

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Sony Music confirms Pat Handlin & Mark Stebnicki ‘no longer with the company’

Sony Music HQ in New York has confirmed two high-profile executives from Sony Music Australia have departed.

Question marks have been hanging over the future of former CEO Denis Handlin’s son Pat Handlin – who was vice president of A&R – and Mark Stebnicki (vice president of strategy, corporate affairs and human resources) for some time.

Until now, Sony Music has refused to be drawn on the long-term future of the executives, however did concede in June they had been stood down.

Staff at the operation’s Sydney HQ had been told the duo were “on leave”, however their absence did coincide with an investigation into Sony Music Australia’s workplace culture, as well as the ousting of long-serving CEO Denis Handlin.

TMN is not suggesting any wrongdoing by Handlin or Stebnicki, and the results of Sony’s investigation have not yet been revealed.

TMN understands the investigation is ongoing.

A Sony Music spokesperson in New York did not give further details, but did confirm to TMN that “I can confirm the two executives are no longer with the company”.

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