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News October 9, 2020

Fremantle did not ‘approve’ Mark Holden’s Australian Idol podcast, so it’s been renamed

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Fremantle did not ‘approve’ Mark Holden’s Australian Idol podcast, so it’s been renamed

Mark Holden’s retrospective Australian Idol podcast, which will revisit key moments, behind-the-scenes stories and personalities from the show, must have caught the eye of Fremantle Media.

Holden was to co-host The Idol Archives podcast with his daughter Katie, however it will now be known as Our Idol Archives “to make clear this podcast is in no way sponsored, approved or affiliated with Fremantle Media”.

The release about the name change, and the upcoming guests, also noted “Mark Holden was fired by Network 10 in 2008, is a former judge on the show and has no current affiliation with Idol producers”.

Holden was a judge on the show for five seasons between 2003 and 2007.

The first guest, on the episode out today, is season two runner up Anthony Callea. Axle Whitehead, a wild card in the season one top 20, is slated for next week. Each episode will also feature music from the guest.

The podcast will have a 10 episode run to start off.

Holden said he was loving the project.

“I’m loving catching up with the Idols. Every single one of them has a story to tell and music to share. Being produced by my daughter Katie who is also my co-pilot on the podcast is a joy – we both love Idol. Love and touchdowns, Mark,” he said.

Katie Holden noted how much times had changed.

“Making this podcast with dad has been a bit of fun escapism during these crazy times, especially while living in LA and being away from home. Nothing sounds better right now than reliving the early 2000s. I was eight years old when Australian Idol began and it was such a monumental part of my childhood that inspired me to work in the television industry,” she said.

Episode one is available now on Spotify and Apple.

The schedule for Our Idol Archives is below.

Ep 1       9th October                      Anthony Callea
Ep2        16th October                    Axle Whitehead
Ep3        23rd October                    Natalie Gauci
Ep 4       30th October                    Tarisai Vushe
Ep 5       6th November                  Cosima De Vito
Ep 6       13th November                Damien Leith
Ep 7       20th November                Ben McKenzie
Ep 8       27th November                Courtney Murphy
Ep 9       4th December                  Carl Riseley
Ep 10    11th December                 Bobby Flynn


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