News December 13, 2018

NSW Labor promises initiatives to “put the verve back into Sydney’s nightlife”

NSW Labor promises initiatives to “put the verve back into Sydney’s nightlife”

NSW Labor is moving quickly ahead in response to November’s findings and recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry into the NSW music and arts economy.

In a subsequent interview with TMN, new shadow minister for the arts and nighttime economy John Graham said that one of the most eye-raising aspects of attending the parliamentary hearings were the entertainment restrictions that 669 venues faced.

These included how many musicians could be on the stage at one point, which instruments could be played, what styles of music were permissible, and even which direction they had to face when performing.

At a press conference at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney, Graham said that one of the first things Labor would do was to scrap these restrictions “in a single piece of legislation.”

“It’s very good news for the music sector today,” he said.

“This is the plan to turn things around in Sydney, New South Wales, for the music sector.”

“We’ve lost hundreds of venues, thousands of jobs; musicians, hospital workers out of work,” he pointed out.

“This is a plan to turn that around.”

Labor’s priority is to “put the verve back into Sydney’s nightlife”.

Another major promise was to “create a home for the music industry, creating a music development hub that co-locates the Music Development Office, contemporary music organisations and businesses, rehearsal and performance space, community radio, writing and recording studios and a youth venue.”

Graham also stated that NSW Labor would “simplify the noise complaints and planning processes” and “ release a (fully-costed) Plan for Contemporary Music within 100 days.”

Speaking at the conference was Urthboy and Sydney Fringe CEO Kerri Glasscock, as well as Opposition leader Michael Daley, Inner West Council mayor Darcy Byrne (who, like John Graham, is a long time live music activist), member For Summer Hill Jo Haylen and Balmain candidate Elly Howse.

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