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News March 21, 2016

Nightlife, Spotify, team up for crowdDJ platform

Nightlife Music, which provides commercial music to venues across Australia, and Spotify, have teamed up to launch a new platform called crowdDJ. It turns venue goers into the DJ, they say.

The modern day jukebox allows music fans to use the free app on their mobile device, or an in-venue kiosk as their remote control, to choose a song or connect their Spotify to request their favourite tunes from the venues’ licensed library of tracks.

It allows venue customers to become its DJ by playing their favourite songs to play in-venue, in real time. Those who like the music played in their venue can save the playlist to their Spotify account to relive the experience at home.

The new crowdDJ had its launch last night before the music and hospitality industries at the official after-party of the 2016 Pub Leader’s Summit in Sydney.

Kate Vale, Managing Director of Spotify Australia & New Zealand, said, “crowdDJ is an exciting new technology and best-in-class use of our API, designed to enrich and personalise your music experience from home to venue.

“People invest many hours into discovering, curating, and listening to music on our platform. crowdDJ gives those same people the ability to be the DJ, and listen to their fave tunes with friends in a public venue.”

Nightlife Music CEO David O’Rourke points out that crowdDJ’s feature of allowing patrons to relive the venue’s playlist in their homes provides the chance for venues to increase their engagement with their customers.

He expands, “Venues will start to see longer dwell times and repeat patronage…in turn, the music industry will see greater awareness and adoption of high quality music services like Spotify for home, and Nightlife Music for business. Subsequently, these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists.”

Nightlife Music curates personalised music and videos, as well as licencing and digital signage, to over 3000 venues across Australia in the hospitality, tourism and fitness industries. At this point, crowdDJ is only available in 250 venues as part of a beta testing phase. But Nightlife says that figure will rise to 1000 by late spring, including gyms, pubs, bars and other leisure outlets.


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