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News December 9, 2020

Nightlife records boost in Australian songplay during Ausmusic Month

Nightlife records boost in Australian songplay during Ausmusic Month
Image: Nightlife's CrowdDJ app.

New data from Nightlife has marked a one-third increase in the number of Australian songs played across its network over the course of November, following a campaign to raise awareness of Australian artists.

In line with Ausmusic Month in November, Nightlife promoted Australian artists through its CrowdDJ app, which is used by venue patrons to select the music at the premises.

The campaign targeted gymgoers due to the positive relationship between music and fitness.

The results found that 4 million Australian songs were played across the entire Nightlife network. This is a 32% increase compared to October.

Additionally, more than 156,000 songs from Australian songwriters and artists were selected by CrowdDJ users, which is a 40% increase from the previous month.

“Our developers made changes to the functionality of the product, our music curation team rose to the challenge and our customer service team brought the health and fitness sector onboard,” a spokesperson told TMN.

“Collectively our mission was to influence customer engagement with Australian music that we measured with accurate play data to get the public performance royalties flowing locally.”

Tones And I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ was the most played Australian song, with the top 10 also including Baker Boy’s ‘Move’, ‘Everybody Rise’ from Amy Shark and Dom Dolla’s ‘San Frandisco’.

In addition to gyms, Nightlife’s network includes retail, amusement parks, venues and hotels.

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