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News July 1, 2020

Foxtel’s new MTV music channels launch today

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Foxtel’s new MTV music channels launch today

As iconic and locally programmed channels MAX, [V], and CMC depart the Aussie music landscape, MTV Australia today launches a new collection of music channels in their place.

MTV Hits, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT (Country Music Television) are now live, 24-hours a day locally, and will also be programmed locally from Sydney.

As part of a new partnership with ViacomCBS, Foxtel has launched the new-look lineup to cover rock and pop, contemporary and country, charts and dance, urban R&B, easy listening and the all-time classics.

MTV says it is continuing to support local and international talent and content on the world stage.

Senior director of youth and entertainment brands, Helen McMurdo, tells SMH audience demand was the driver.

“Music is up 18% year on year on Foxtel and it’s the fastest-growing category behind news, so there’s an exciting opportunity there. But music is always at the heart of what we do because our audiences are so passionate about it,” she said.

“Music is really important to us from a brand point of view, and I think this new set of channels demonstrates our commitment to that.”

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MTV Hits is set to cover chart-toppers and the hottest hits from Australia and the globe, Club MTV promises to be an “ultimate dance party” that “never” sleeps, and MTV Classic will feature icons of Australian music.

Meanwhile, CMT will replace CMC, promising the best in country music from “Nashville to Tamworth”.

SMH also revealed that music presenter Flex Mami will see her role as an interviewer expanded across the new channels.

“To hear that MTV is providing a platform for musicians from all genres – not just the ones that are easy to digest; we have country, we have R&B, we have rap, we have house, we have everything – it means there’s going to be music and videos and interviews and a space on mainstream TV where musicians can get in front of an audience in a new way,” she said.

With the departure of MAX, CMC and [V], TMN understands that most music-only employees who worked on the affected channels will leave the business.

MTV HITS, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT are now available on Foxtel, with MTV music collection available on Fetch. Foxtel also launched Nick Music, a 24-hour music channel for kids, earlier this week.


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