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Musician salaries have risen by over 50% in past decade [report]

Musician salaries have risen by over 50% in past decade [report]

Musicians are faring well when it comes to salary increases over the past decade, at least in the UK.

A report by Compare The Market UK ranked careers with the biggest salary increases since 2008, and musicians scored highly.

Data between 2008 and 2018 was analysed for over 200 different occupations, and musicians were found to have seen a 50.15% increase in average salary over that time period.

The findings placed musicians in the Top 10 for salary increases, after marketing and sales jobs, educational professionals, vet nurses and tax experts.

The news will be little comfort for most, who earn less than $25,000 USD on average according to a 2018 industry study.

As Rolling Stone reported, the median musician in the US was found to have pulled in $35,000 a year.

However, only $21,300 of that came from music-related sources, showing that most musos still need to have a side-hustle to make bank.

10 Jobs with the biggest % salary increase in the last 10 years

  1. Taxi Drivers, 72.08%
  2. TV Engineers, 67.78%
  3. Marketing and Sales Directors, 65.53%
  4. Senior Educational Professionals, 62.37%
  5. IT Directors, 60.52%
  6. Advertising and PR Directors, 59.93%
  7. Veterinary Nurses, 52.23%
  8. Taxation Experts, 50.34%
  9. Musicians, 50.15%
  10. National Government Civil Servants, 44.30%

The full report is available here.

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