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News February 8, 2022

Audience Republic & Moshtix launch partnership to sell more event tickets

Audience Republic & Moshtix launch partnership to sell more event tickets

A new partnership between all-in-one event marketing platform Audience Republic and Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s Moshtix is set to drive more ticket sales.

Audience Republic’s strategy is to sell more tickets – and faster – through increasing word-of-mouth, building audience and unlocking customer insights through age, gender and their top artists and tracks.

The new alliance allows Moshtix users to access Audience Republic’s event marketing tools for venues, promoters and festivals.

Jared Kristensen, CEO and founder of Audience Republic, set up the company after losing $20,000 on an event.

“We offer a way for event organisers to actually use their data, so they can sell more tickets,” he said.

“This is critical in a world where organisers are increasingly less able to rely on social media and paid advertising to drive ticket sales.”

According to Audience Republic, presale registration, wait lists and competition products increase word-of-mouth and building up an audience that they own.

Fans earn points for referring friends, following and subscribing – with the top point scorers unlocking rewards and experiences.

On top of this gamified approach, its Event CRM (customer relationship management) is a single place for organisers to bring together sales and customer data from the platforms they already use.

This lets them put their data to use through a tailor-built platform – offering audience insights, analytics, segmentation, email marketing, text messaging, and integrations with advertising networks.

Kevin Cooper, GM of product & growth at Moshtix, said it’s a priority for the company to offer the best suite of tools possible, and this partnership will deliver greater success all-round.

“This super exciting integration between Moshtix’s existing industry-leading marketing enablement, with Audience Republic’s impressive viral audience building and customer insight will deliver an enhanced and more streamlined offering for our event partners,” he said.

“As we return to live events all over the country, the business of selling tickets has never been more exciting and demanding,” he added.

Kristensen also said the new partnership has another boon for promoters.

“What’s been missing in the industry for a long time is an actual Event CRM” he said.

“CRM platforms have been available for decades, but event organisers have specific needs and they’ve been dealing with less than ideal tools.

“Moshtix and Audience Republic share a commitment to changing this and bringing real innovation to the event organisers who desperately want it.”

When organisers connect their Moshtix account with Audience Republic, their past and future events will be automatically synced, along with ticket sales transactions and attendee data.

Organisers can then segment this data to engage with fans directly via targeted emails, text messages and ads.

They can make sure the right message hits the right people, each and every time, the two companies said.

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