News December 14, 2017

More background music available for Australian brands through Soundtrack Your Brand & Marketing Melodies partnership

More background music available for Australian brands through Soundtrack Your Brand & Marketing Melodies partnership

A new Swedish-Australian partnership will see more retailers, restaurateurs, brands and businesses use music more effectively to entice their customers.

Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand, set up in 2013, has entered the Australian and New Zealand markets through a partnership with Australian in-store music provider Marketing Melodies.

Soundtrack Your Brand’s flagship division Soundtrack Business, is a subscription-based music-streaming platform licensed for commercial and public spaces.

Its multinational customers include McDonald’s, TAG Heuer and TONI&GUY, along with thousands of small-to- medium businesses across 100 countries.

Melbourne-based Marketing Melodies supplies background music, digital signage and other retail technology to 4,600 retail stores through Australia and New Zealand.

These include Witchery, The Just Group, Grill’d, Kathmandu and Optus.

The new reseller agreement allows Marketing Melodies to use Soundtrack Your Brand’s technology and grants retailers and business owners access to what it calls “the world’s largest music library for commercial use, for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.”

Marketing Melodies founder, Dean Cherny, said: “We understand that thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand have been inadvertently using Spotify illegally, not realising the platform is a non-commercial service.

“Through our partnership with Soundtrack Your Brand, we can offer access to a growing music catalogue of millions of songs across 180 music channels, which are continuously updated with fresh sounds and specially designed for differing commercial environments.

“This is a game changing development, and we’re thrilled to channel this solution through to retailers locally.”

Soundtrack Business technology allows users to set up their playlist sequence so that music suits different times of the day and creates different moods.

Managers of various retail locations can control music in a single location playlist or update it in all stores at the same time.

A remote app allows staff to fine-tune the volume or skip songs to adjust to conditions in real-time.

The solution combines data analysis with hands-on expertise to deliver content that fits individual brands, boosts sales and makes staff happier.

A recent survey that Soundtrack Your Brand conducted with The Swedish Trade Federation found that in-store music that matched the brand increased its sales by 9.1% compared with playing randomly selected popular songs.

It also led customers to stay longer, and for restaurants and cafes included 15.6% sales growth in desserts and 11% in sides.

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