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News April 9, 2021

Matt Gudinski named Mushroom Group CEO, ‘determined’ to carry his father’s legacy into the future

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Matt Gudinski named Mushroom Group CEO, ‘determined’ to carry his father’s legacy into the future

Mushroom Group today announced that Matt Gudinski will assume the role of CEO.

Gudinski assumes the role following the death of his father, Michael, 68, on March 2.

He has held the role of executive director of the music group since 2013, when he spearheaded a public relaunch of the Group and was named as Michael’s successor.

While Gudinski was literally born into the business, he officially joined Mushroom in 2003 at age 17. Since then, he has been hands-on with all aspects of the business.

In the eight years following, they worked side by side at the helm of Australia’s most powerful independent entertainment group, overseeing over 250 employees and two dozen companies.

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Formed in 1972, the Mushroom encompasses touring and events, record labels and artist services, publishing, merchandising, booking agencies, film and television production, talent management, venues, creative services and a brand agency.

“This isn’t a role that I expected to assume yet, but I am determined to honour the great legacy my father left,” Gudinski said, who becomes CEO effective immediately.

“Mushroom Group is in its strongest position ever and as we fast approach our 50th year I know that our incredibly talented Mushroom family will help me deliver the vision Dad and I had for the next 50 years of our business.”

At Michael’s state memorial last month, Gudinski hinted that Mushroom’s upcoming 50th-anniversary celebrations would have the same epic nature as his father’s previous spectacles.


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