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News November 1, 2018

Major names throw their support behind Musicians Making A Difference Day

Major names throw their support behind Musicians Making A Difference Day

Troye Sivan, Thundamentals, Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol, Alessia Cara, Jonas Blue and Vera Blue are among the acts throwing their weight behind this year’s #MusiciansMakingADifference Day on December 7.

Beginning with Sivan, they will share videos on how the power of music made a difference when they were coping with their share of adversities.

The public is also encouraged on the day to tag a musician or share a song that has had an impact on their life along with the hashtag #MusiciansMakingADifference.

Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) is an Australian charity that works with young people overcoming adversity and exists to create a community centred on music and dance, expression and mentoring, with the goal to break negative cycles and overcome challenges.

Universal Music Australia is partnering with MMAD for its fourth year to mentor a group of young people and build the campaign.

Dominic Brook, co-founder of MMAD, explains, “Imagine a world and our own lives – our formative years, our trying times and our happiest moments – without music.

“This day (on December 7) is all about celebrating the power of music in making a difference in the world and acknowledging the artists who’s music has impacted our own lives.

“At MMAD, we witness the power of music every day.

“But on MMAD Day we encourage everyone to celebrate its power, and those songs & artists that helped shape who we are today.”

Jaz, who is one of the MMAD family participants, has spoken up about bullying, and of the severe anxiety she suffers:

“Music has helped me through every tough time I have ever had.

“Since I taught myself how to play piano, if I am ever having a hard or stressful day, I will just go and play.

“Something about it calms me down.”


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