News October 5, 2020

Music industry gets look-in as two major cities prepare for the summer

Music industry gets look-in as two major cities prepare for the summer

Sydney and Melbourne have come up with new outdoor initiatives for summer as part of their post-pandemic recovery efforts, and music is firmly on the agenda.

Government-funded live entertainment is a keystone in the and ’s $20 million joint effort to boost the CBD economy, support businesses and create jobs.

“Having more outdoor dining and entertainment areas across the CBD is an obvious drawcard in bringing people back into the city,” Planning Minister Rob Stokes said.

City of Sydney Mayor, , is specific about opportunities for the music sector.

“To help Sydney get back on its feet we’re going to set up outdoor performance stages in key city locations, fund and performance in venues, bars and restaurants, and deliver a summer of outdoor dining,” she said.

Moore’s vision is to create an ambience similar to piazzas in the Mediterranean within Sydney’s CBD, hopefully on a more permanent basis.

A task force is looking at ideas like promoting cultural institutions and allowing them to stay open late, exploring more cultural events outdoors, more flexible outdoor dining, drinking and seating arrangements for businesses and more flexible public transport options.

It would be a boon for which have been very public about fears they won’t be able to survive beyond summer.

Musicians and other creatives are being tapped for input into the ’s six-month move to upgrade 40 Melbourne laneways before workers and tourists return to the city.

More than 150 people will be employed through the Working for Victoria scheme.

Employment Minister Jaala Pulford said new hires include designers, music producers, light specialists, production designers and technicians, as well as maintenance workers.

The idea is to improve public safety and support local businesses and creative skills.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp adds: “Melbourne’s laneway culture is internationally renowned and a major asset for our city – this project will create jobs now, support our local businesses and traders and help attract more people into the city in the future.”

The laneways are in the CBD, North Melbourne and Carlton.

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