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News April 14, 2022

AWMA to Host First Nations Women’s Hip Hop Showcase ‘Love For My Sisters’

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AWMA to Host First Nations Women’s Hip Hop Showcase ‘Love For My Sisters’

Image: Hot Brown Honey. (Courtesy of  Australian Women in Music Awards)

The Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) will host the inaugural First Nations Women’s Hip Hop Showcase ,’Love For My Sisters’.

The event will be curated by Cairns-based First Nations hip hip artist and MC Dizzy Doolan, aka Charmaine Armstrong.

Doolan will also act as MC for this year’s awards ceremony alongside Yumi Stynes.

The awards will, for the first time, be broadcast on ABC TV.

The event name, Love For My Sisters, was inspired by the single of the same name written by Crystal Mastrosavas (Lady Lash) and Gladys Namokoyi (Kween G), who will both perform at the showcase.

Doolan also invited her First Nations sisters RedBelly, Hot Brown Honey, Kaylah Truth and Shakaya to join the line-up for Love For My Sisters.

The event will take place on May 17 at The Tivoli in Brisbane.

AWMA said it will be an electrifying evening exploring deep storytelling through music. It will feature neo-soul, RnB, rap, hip hip and house, with politics, identity and shared experiences all exploding on the stage.

Doolan said she’s super excited to witness the extremely fierce females grace the stage.

“Every act will be delivering a unique, unforgettable performance. It’s been an honour to curate the artists for this event and I’m certain each artist will bring the fire, so get ready for an explosive evening,” she said.

She also noted the importance and potential power of supporting the Love For My Sisters showcase.

“It’s important that you come and show your support to these ladies who have been in the industry for a long time and are respected artists in their own right. This event is vital for First Nations female artists who are strong powerful women who have been working so hard for so long. These women are raw and real so make sure you don’t miss out on the magic that will unfold at Whats Golden at the Tivoli Theatre.

“We are looking forward to sharing our music with everyone on this very special occasion,” she said.

Vick Gordon, the AWMA’s executive producer and program director, created the event to highlight the organisation’s ongoing commitment to showcasing the exceptional talent of Australian First Nations female artists, musicians and DJs.

“Dizzy was one of our regional participants in 2019 and it is exciting to be working with her in a curatorial role this year. She is an incredible talent and, like all of the artists in this year’s showcase, Doolan has pioneered the way for women in the Australian hip hip scene,” Gordon said.

Doolan said the experience of curating the event had given her a lot more confidence.

Dizzy Doolan performance

Dizzy Doolan (Image credit: Cristina Bevilacqua)

“I hope that women in general are not invisible and are here to be seen and heard so that the next generation of women can flourish,” she said. “I’ve felt so empowered to play so many special roles in this year’s AWMAs and I’m truly honoured and so grateful to have been given the opportunity to curate the First Nations Hip Hop Showcase 2022, to be a part of history in that way is next level.”

Doolan has performed with international acts including Fatman Scoop, Omarion, Kevin Lyttle and Mya, plus local legends like Troy Cassar-Daley.

It’s closer to home, however, that she draws her inspiration, channelling her Aunty Syvanna Doolan, a blues and jazz singer-songwriter who was one of the first Aboriginal women to be recognised for her music in the 1960s.

“Aunty ‘Sibby’ was never acknowledged the way that she deserved to be, so with her spirit guiding me, I know she would be so proud. I owe credit to my ancestors and those matriarchs who fought so hard to pave a way for us mob to have equality and same opportunities.

“Without AWMA, artists like myself would still feel invisible in this industry.”

Tickets for the showcase are available here and include the chance to join an after-show function with the opportunity to network with artist and music industry practitioners.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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