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News October 9, 2020

Lorde promises new music if Kiwis vote in the upcoming election

Lorde promises new music if Kiwis vote in the upcoming election

Lorde emerged from social media isolation to make a rare posting on Instagram.

She encouraged young people to vote in New Zealand’s general election on Saturday, October 17.

The vote includes two referendums – one which allows people with a terminal illness to get assistance in ending their lives and decriminalising recreational cannabis smoking.

Lorde teased she would release new music if fans did go out and vote.

“Hey. Are u from New Zealand? I am. If you’re 18+, it’s time to VOTE!

“And adding all of our voices to the conversation, speaking up for communities or organisations that mean something to us — that’s what helps keep it that way.”

Zooming in on the referendums, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter urged, “Go have a read about each of those and vote on the day! … Do it for our beautiful country and for me.

“And next year I’ll give you something in return.”

The hint is that after teasing about new music these past few years, she’s actually going to release tracks from her third album.

Her last album Melodrama was released in 2017. It charted in 25 countries, including #1 in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.

The artist also known as Ella Yelich-O’Connor began tentative work on her third album last December and in her last update in May, she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

“The work is so fucking good, my friend, I am truly jazzed for you to hear it.”

She had been working with Melodrama producer Jack Antonoff in Los Angeles and Auckland, but switched to FaceTime after the pandemic hit.

The sudden death of her sickly pet dog Pearl last year – the pair were inseparable after she adopted him in 2018 – also delayed proceedings.


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