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News June 27, 2018

Legendary Aussie producer Magoo auctioning off studio gear used on iconic albums

Legendary Aussie producer Magoo auctioning off studio gear used on iconic albums

ARIA Award-winning producer Lachie “Magoo” Goold has announced that he’s auctioning off his studio gear on Reverb.

The industry legend has worked with an impressive list of acts, from Midnight Oil, Powderfinger (even “before Powderfinger were Powderfinger”), Kate Miller-Heidke and Custard, and was Regurgitator‘s go-to guy in the ’90s.

Magoo is now the head of audio at JMC Academy in Brisbane, and is selling his studio, Applewood, as well as a bunch of high-quality outboard studio equipment which he’s collected throughout his career.

“While it’s not like I’m never going to record an album again, my output is greatly reduced.”

The Official Magoo Reverb Shop launches tomorrow – Thursday, June 28 – on dedicated online music equipment marketplace Reverb.

Equipment up for grabs includes a Boss DM-100 Delay unit which he used on Regurgitator’s third album …art, a Smart Research C2 Compressor which he acquired in 1997 when mixing a record for Midnight Oil at Studio 301, a Hughes Spatial Imager, AKAI S3000XL Sampler, SST-282 Space Station, two JLM Audio PEQs and several Neve pre-amps.

In a Q&A on Reverb’s website, Magoo said that one of the reasons for clearing out his outboard gear is that “essentially, I’m no longer recording bands like I was. I’m no longer the owner of a recording studio; perhaps the dynamics of the industry has won?

“If I was still earning my income solely from being a producer, I would keep the gear because it’s amazing – it becomes your sound.

“But I’m no longer recording bands like I was, and I really think this equipment should go to someone who is going to use it.

“There’s certainly an emotional connection to the gear. Like with any art form, you have paint brushes, and these are my favourite paint brushes.”

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