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Features July 25, 2023

Why Grammy Winners and Drake Collaborators Love GoAux Monitors

Why Grammy Winners and Drake Collaborators Love GoAux Monitors
Image: KRK

After an isolated couple of years the world is on the move again and so are its musicians, producers and creators. The idea of the studio as a place has evolved into the reality of the studio as an itinerant space as artists and sound engineers return to creating and collaborating on the move across a variety of locations.

This, of course, requires equipment that is not only conveniently transportable, but of the highest quality possible. KRK Systems is a brand that has been synonymous with high-quality audio production since 1986, producing monitors, subwoofers and headphones that are not only versatile but cost-effective. 

Among these is the KRK GoAux series, portable nearfield monitors designed to create the best quality sound wherever you need it.

The GoAux 3 (3” woven glass Kevlar/aramid woofer with a 1” soft textile dome tweeter in a 60 W RMS) and GoAux 4 (4” woven glass Kevlar/aramid woofer with a 1” soft textile dome tweeter in a 100 W RMS) are compact and portable high-quality monitors, with very low system distortion ensuring high-quality audio playback.

These durable easy-to-set-up monitors feature bi-amplified two-way design, so the frequency response is shared between the two speakers for higher clarity. There are multiple input options (Bluetooth, RCA, ⅛” auxiliary) and the monitors are Bluetooth capable if you want to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, computer or other audio devices. You can also monitor silently via the front panel 1/8” stereo headphone output. 

The GoAux4 model features a built-in Auto ARC automatic room correction feature, a measurement microphone that can optimise the response of the speakers to the acoustic environment they happen to be in, whether that’s a hotel room, courtyard or sound treated studio. The GoAux4’s USB input also makes it a very easy connectivity option straight from your DAW device.

The lightweight GoAux3 (3.15kg) and GoAux4 (4.3kg) come with adjustable stands and a convenient nylon carry bag that houses the whole operation, as well as any extra cables or headphones you’re taking along with you.

With KRK’s GoAux, it’s basically plug and play all the way.

“Normally when I work in the studio with somebody, I like to have another set-up where I can work on ideas for the artist to write to while they’re writing,” says producer/writer DJ Khalil, whose credits include Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Jon Batiste, Jay-Z and Aloe Blacc.

“My main thing is being able to get ideas out, being able to finish up mixes wherever I’m at, like if I’m in a hotel room. It’s all about workflow and being on the go. The GoAux is incredible because I can cook up ideas and check mixes and pack them all up there in a bag. If I get on a plane, I can check them and I always have a studio literally wherever I go. I feel I’m hearing an accurate representation of what the music’s supposed to sound like.”

Paul Blair AKA DJ White Shadow, is a Grammy Award-winning producer, musician, songwriter and DJ who has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Jon, and T-Pain. He recently spent 10 days on the road with the user-friendly GoAux speakers and was more than impressed with the results.

“Fantastic product,” he says. “Unbelievable sound. The portability of them is incredible. I was able to use them in multiple environments, in a hotel room, on a plane, in a regular studio, play music for people, collaborate with people on the road. It’s incredible how much sound comes out of that small package!

“I even went to the studio when I was in LA for a couple of days and was able to listen to the bigs and listen to what the mix I was doing already sounded like on the KRKs. The translation between the two was pretty incredible as well. 

“It’s a piece of gear that I’m totally going to add to my travels when I’m bouncing around and working on a project. This is the best quality carry-along speaker that I’ve ever encountered.”

The versatile KRK GoAux monitors offer value for money high fidelity audio for musicians, producers, engineers, sound designers and DJs. Professionals and enthusiasts alike will revel in the quality of the sound production and their on-the-go flexibility.  

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