May 29, 2020

Jennifer Gome farewells APRA AMCOS after three decades

Jennifer Gome farewells APRA AMCOS after three decades

A senior music executive will begin a new chapter on Monday.

Following an impressive career with APRA AMCOS’ licensing division, Jennifer Gome will leave the organisation today after 30 years with the PRO.

Gome managed national public performance licensing from the Melbourne office for some time, leading a national staff of 50 and delivering about $50 million each year to members.

Concert and festival promoters and theatres – the cornerstone of the entertainment industry – have been Gome’s client base for her entire tenure with the music rights organisation.

“I’ve loved working for this organisation in fostering and protecting members’ rights,” Gome said, adding that it’s been a privilege to work for songwriters and publishers.

“Thank you to our many clients that have paid licence fees to play music in their business, in providing entertainment for fans and music punters, over the years.

“We all know that the music business is built on relationships and I have worked with some wonderful colleagues who are just as passionate about music as I am.”

Over the last five years, she was also called on to specialise in licensing for live music venues, nightclubs, major sporting codes, airlines, cruise ships, education and government.

Integral to the development and launch of OneMusic Australia almost 12 months ago, Gome leaves the organisation with this world-leading initiative successfully bedded down.

She also counts APRA AMCOS chief executive officer Dean Ormston as one of her recruits some 25 years ago. “Well, this is certainly the end of an era,” the CEO said.

“Jenny has always been passionate about our business, and especially those we represent – our songwriters, composers and music publishers.

“I’m personally indebted to Jenny, she employed me 25 years ago. This was the beginning of a long relationship not just as colleagues but as close friends.”

Gome is looking to pursue a future career using her expertise in revenue generation, client relations, and building and managing teams.