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News March 31, 2021

Jaxsta & Songtradr integration goes live as mutual benefit for members

Jaxsta & Songtradr integration goes live as mutual benefit for members
Pictured: Jaxsta founder & CEO Jacqui Louez Schoorl

Two Australian companies with a growing global presence, Jaxsta and Songtradr, have announced that their Neighbouring Rights integration is now available to users.

TMN first reported on the strategic partnership last September.

Jaxsta is the world’s largest public-facing and dedicated database of official music credits, sourced from record companies, publishers, distributors, royalty agencies and associations.

Songtradr is a global B2B music rights and licensing platform, which provides creators and rights owners with a complete tech-enabled solution for rights management and monetisation.

Eligible Jaxsta Pro members can utilise Songtradr’s platform and tools to initiate collection and ongoing management of their Neighbouring Rights income.

Songtradr will utilise Jaxsta’s music credits metadata to assist in the identification of uncollected revenue resulting from the public performance of sound recordings.

“We are thrilled to launch the integration and provide our Jaxsta Pro members with a world-class solution for simplifying Neighbouring Rights collection for rights owners and musicians,” Jaxsta CEO and co-founder Jacqui Louez Schoorl said.

“The partnership demonstrates the significant opportunity to solve data-centric challenges faced by the music industry and to create new efficiencies through automation.”

The new service is part of a growing set of tools and benefits for Jaxsta Pro members.

The service comes as part of an exclusive five-year commercial agreement with Songtradr, and provides the ASX-listed Jaxsta with a new revenue stream.

“We’re very excited to launch this new product, creating a simple user experience for rights holders and look forward to continuing to develop new solutions with Jaxsta that benefit the music industry,” Songtradr CEO and founder Paul Wiltshire said.

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